• 2 Euro 2004, KM# 237, Italy, World Food Program
  • 2 Euro 2004, KM# 237, Italy, World Food Program

The World Food Programme is the food assistance branch of the United Nations and the world's largest humanitarian organization addressing hunger and promoting food security. According to the WFP, it provides food assistance to an average of 80 million people in 75 countries each year. From its headquarters in Rome and more than 80 country offices around the world, the WFP works to help people who are unable to produce or obtain enough food for themselves and their families. It is a member of the United Nations Development Group and part of its Executive Committee.


In the centre of the coin is a globe, tilted to the right. Three ears emerge from behind the globe, reaching out to cross the outer ring; these are maize, rice and wheat, representing the world's basic sources of nourishment. The letters R and I, superimposed over one another, are to the right of the globe (representing Republic of Italy), and below them are the engraver's (Uliana Pernazza) initials (a combination of the letters U and P). The mint mark (R) is to the upper left of the globe, the year mark is below it, and the twelve stars of the European Union surround the design on the outer ring, grouped into three batches of four stars each, separated by the three ears.



A geographical map of Western Europe spans the outer ring and inner core on the right side of the coin. The inscription 2 EURO is superimposed over the map of Europe, with the numeral “2” located in an open field representing the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

12 stars are located on the right side of the outer ring, with six stars atop the map of Europe and six stars below it; six vertical stripes cut across the inner core of the coin, visually connecting the upper and lower star segments.

Luc Luycx, a designer at the Royal Belgian Mint, designed the Euro’s common reverse; his initials, LL, are seen on the right side of the design, just under the “O” in “EURO.”



The sequence "2 ★" repeated six times alternately upright and inverted.

2 ★ 2 ★ 2 ★ 2 ★ 2 ★ 2 ★

2 Euro

World Food Program

KM# 237 Schön# 242
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Type Commemorative Issue (Circulating)
Material Bi-Metallic
Ring Cupronickel
Center Nickel Brass
Weight 8.5 g
Diameter 25.75 mm
Thickness 2.2 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Italian State Mint and Polygraphic Institute (R)

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