Obverse. Photo © Agora Auction
  • 1 Drachm 96-91 BC, Parthian Empire, Mithradates II, Obverse
  • 1 Drachm 96-91 BC, Parthian Empire, Mithradates II, Reverse

Mithridates II was king of Parthian Empire from 121 to 91 BC. He was already known as "the Great" in antiquity. He is the first Parthian ruler to call himself King of Kings on his coinage and thereby attach himself to the Achaemenids. He also referred to himself on his coinage with the Greek titles Epiphanes (God manifest) and Philellenos (Friend of the Greeks). Mithridates II is counted as the greatest of the Parthian kings, under whom the empire reached its greatest extent.

Catalog number: Sellwood 28.7; Shore 99.


Diademed bust left, with long beard, wearing tiara; neck torque ends in sea horse.


Archer seated right on throne, holding bow.

Production Hammering
Material Silver
Weight 3.68 g
Diameter 20.30 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Rhagae Mint

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