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  • 5 Rupees 1957, KM# 126, Ceylon, Elizabeth II, Buddha Jayanthi 2500th Anniversary
  • 5 Rupees 1957, KM# 126, Ceylon, Elizabeth II, Buddha Jayanthi 2500th Anniversary

This coin was issued for the 2500th anniversary of the passing away of Buddha (543 B.C.) and the Birth of the Nation.

Vijava, the traditional first king of Lanka, is reckoned to have landed in Lanka in 543 BC on the same year of the passing away of the Buddha and defines the start of years measured in Buddhist Era (B.E).


An adaptation from the Anuradhapura Moonstone. The numeral 2500 at the centre with Flower petals around in inner annulus, next a procession of elephant, horse, lion and bull (2 sequences), next a procession of sixteen geese, with lotus flowers hanging from their beaks.

Sandakada pahana, also known as Moonstone, is a unique feature of the Sinhalese architecture of ancient Sri Lanka. It is an elaborately carved semi-circular stone slab, usually placed at the bottom of staircases and entrances.



A design based on the Jasmine flower surmounted by a Lotus flower. The value in Sinhala and the year of issue 1957 is superimposed at the center. The value FIVE RUPEES in English on left and Tamil on right and in Sinhala 'Sri Lanka' at the apex and the anniversary 'Buddha Jayanthi' at the bottom.

Reverse Designer: B. R. Sindall



5 Rupees

Buddha Jayanthi 2500th Anniversary

KM# 126
Type Commemorative Issue (Circulating)
Material Silver
Fineness 0.925
Weight 28.26 g
Diameter 38.74 mm
Thickness 2.6 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Royal Mint

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