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  • 1 Centavo 2000-2015, KM# 733, Cuba
  • 1 Centavo 2000-2015, KM# 733, Cuba

Cuban coat of arms within a laurel wreath within the octagonal rim. Date and value below.

The Cuban coat of arms consists of a shield, in front of a Fasces crowned by the Phrygian Cap, all supported by an oak branch on one side and a laurel wreath on the other. The coat of arms was created by Miguel Teurbe Tolón and was adopted on April 24, 1906.

The shield is divided into three parts: In the chief, a key charging a sea between two rocks, symbolizing Cuba’s geographical position between Florida and the Yucatán Peninsula. A bright rising sun in the background symbolizes the rising of the new republic. A key is a symbol of Cuba as Cuba is the key to the Americas. On the left are the stripes of the flag of Cuba but turned so as they are bendwise. On the right is a common Cuban landscape, Royal Palm tree, a symbol of Cuba with mountains in the background.

Engraver: Charles E. Barber

un centavo


View of the Plaza de la Revolución, with face value as numerals on right, name of the place above; within the octagonal rim.

Plaza de la Revolución ("Revolution Square") is a square in Havana, Cuba. The square is dominated by the José Martí Memorial, a national hero of Cuba, which features a 109 m (358 ft) tall a star-shaped tower and an 18 m (59 ft) statue.

Mintmark: key (Havana)



1 Centavo

KM# 733
Material Aluminium
Weight 0.75 g
Diameter 16.76 mm
Thickness 1.5 mm
Shape round
Alignment Coin

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