Obverse. Photo © Austrian Mint
  • 20 Euro 2009, KM# 3179, Austria, Austrian Railways, Railways of the Future
  • 20 Euro 2009, KM# 3179, Austria, Austrian Railways, Railways of the Future
  • 20 Euro 2009, KM# 3179, Austria, Austrian Railways, Railways of the Future, Certificate of authenticity

Starting in the past, the odyssey through the 170-year history of Austrian rail has illustrated the important role the country has played in the development of the railway. As the sixth and final 20 euro silver coin in the series shows, it will continue to do so in the future.

As high-speed rail networks continue to extend around Europe, Railjet is Austria’s very own contribution. Designed to offer passengers an entirely new transport experience in speed, comfort, design and service, the number of Railjet network connections was doubled in 2009 and will continue do so in years to come.

Each coin comes in an attractive case with a numbered certificate of authenticity.


Depicts the state-of-the-art express train speeding out of a tunnel beneath overhead cables and above “Republic of Austria” and the year of issue (2009).

The Railjet (branded as railjet) is a high-speed train of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and Czech Railways (ČD), which was introduced with the timetable change of 2008-2009 and operates at speeds of up to 230 km/h (143 mph). The railjet is the premier service of the ÖBB and operates both domestically within Austria and on international services to adjacent major cities in Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and from December 2017 Italy.

Rather than choosing electric multiple units (EMUs) such as ICE 3 or Shinkansen, ÖBB opted for locomotive-hauled push-pull high-speed trains, which could be hauled by its existing fleet of Taurus high-speed Siemens EuroSprinter electric locomotives.

Engraver: Helmut Andexlinger



Depicts a view of a freight yard containing numerous freight cars and containers. In the foreground stands an electric shunting type 1063 engine.

A rail yard, railway yard or railroad yard is a complex series of railroad tracks for storing, sorting, or loading and unloading, railroad cars and locomotives. Railroad yards have many tracks in parallel for keeping rolling stock stored off the mainline, so that they do not obstruct the flow of traffic. Railroad cars are moved around by specially designed yard switchers, a type of locomotive. Cars in a railroad yard may be sorted by numerous categories, including railroad company, loaded or unloaded, destination, car type, or whether they need repairs. Railroad yards are normally built where there is a need to store cars while they are not being loaded or unloaded, or are waiting to be assembled into trains. Large yards may have a tower to control operations.

Engraver: Thomas Pesendorfer



20 Euro

Austrian Railways
Railways of the Future

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KM# 3179
Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Silver
Fineness 0.900
Weight 20 g
Diameter 34 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Austrian Mint

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