Obverse. Photo © Wiep Jansma
  • 5 Jiao 1967-1973, Y# 546, Taiwan, Republic of China
  • 5 Jiao 1967-1973, Y# 546, Taiwan, Republic of China

Mayling orchid, the year of the Republic and the state name (Republic of China) below.

The most famous Taiwan orchid was developed by the Shihlin Horicultural Station in suburban Taipei after a cross of Lc. Easter Belle and Lc. Momus Calgoss of 1946. In 1962, this new variety, named the Mayling Orchid for Madame Chiang Kai-shek whose given name is Mayling, won top prize in an international show in San Francisco. It won another award in California the following year and prizes at Nantes, France, in 1965 and at Paris in 1959. The Shihlin Horticultural Station has become famous for this one bloom.

Following the Chinese imperial tradition of using the sovereign's era name and year of reign, official Republic of China documents use the Republic system of numbering years in which the first year was 1912, the year of the founding of the Republic of China.



Value in Chinese within a border.


Material Brass
Weight 3.4 g
Diameter 22.5 mm
Thickness 1.2 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Central Mint of China (CMC)

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