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  • 5 Euro 2007, KM# 3144, Austria, Eurostar - European Realisation, 100th Anniversary of Universal Male Suffrage
  • 5 Euro 2007, KM# 3144, Austria, Eurostar - European Realisation, 100th Anniversary of Universal Male Suffrage

Universal suffrage consists of the extension of the right to vote to all citizens, though some definitions exclude granting that right to minors and non-citizens. Although suffrage has two necessary components, the right to vote and opportunities to vote, the term universal suffrage is associated only with the right to vote and ignores the frequency that an incumbent government consults the electorate. Where universal suffrage exists, the right to vote is not restricted by race, sex, belief, wealth, or social status.

Historically universal suffrage initially referred to adult male suffrage. The First French Republic was the first nation that adopted universal male suffrage in 1792; it was the first national system that abolished all property requirements as a prerequisite for allowing men to register and vote. Austria recognized universal male suffrage in 1907.

The collector coin is part of the Europa Coin Programme, also known as the European Silver Programme, or the Eurostar Programme. It is an initiative dedicated to the issuance of collector-oriented legal tender coins in precious metals to celebrate European identity. The issuing authorities of EU member countries voluntarily contribute coins to the Europa Coin Programme. Multiple countries have participated in the programme, beginning in 2004. Some coins are denominated in euro, others are denominated in other currencies.


The design is based on a historic photo of the opening session of Parliament after the 1907 elections. It shows the government bench at the front of the chamber with two officials at the desks above. Opposite stand some of the newly elected members of the House. The two oval portraits in the foreground commemorate Emperor Franz Joseph and Max Wladimir von Beck, who were chiefly responsible for putting the reform through. The Eurostar logo between two portraits. Along the rim inscription in German '100 Years of Suffrage Reform'.

The Eurostar logo is the special mark used on coins to indicate participation in the Europa Coin Programme.

Designer: Herbert Wähner



Depicts the coats of arms of Austria's nine provinces encircling the number 5. The nine sides of the coin symbolize those nine provinces.

Designer: Helmut Andexlinger

• EURO •


5 Euro

Eurostar - European Realisation
100th Anniversary of Universal Male Suffrage

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KM# 3144 Schön# 333
Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Silver
Fineness 0.800
Weight 10 g
Diameter 28.5 mm
Thickness -
Shape polygon
Sides 9
Alignment Medal
Austrian Mint

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