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  • 50 Lire 1975, KM# 45, San Marino, Animals, Salmons
  • 50 Lire 1975, KM# 45, San Marino, Animals, Salmons

In 1975 San Marino used salmon on a 50-lira coin in a unique way: to symbolize “love for one’s native country.”

The official government description of the design reads: “Five salmons are swimming in the same direction. They have spent the rest of the year in the sea; now they are returning up the river they came down soon after birth. They are using every energy they have to go upstream against the strong-willed current to thus obey that mysterious call ... which draws them to their birthplace.”

The other love symbols in the animal coin set include sea horses, spiders, marmots, birds, dogs, cats, seagulls, and hedgehogs.

Engraver: Bino Bini


Part of the coat of arms, name of the country above, date of the issue and engraver's initials surrounded by the two ants.

The components of the San Marino's coat of arms are:
- In the shield, there are three mountains with three towers, each decorated with a weather vane consisting of an ostrich feather. The towers symbolize the three citadels of San Marino (La Guaita, La Cesta and La Montale), while the hills represent the three summits of Monte Titano.
- The motto LIBERTAS (Lat. freedom). It possibly refers to the amazing maintenance of independence in the midst of many larger states. The motto could also have developed from the alleged last words of the founder Marinus: "Relinquo vos liberos ab utroque homine" (Lat. "I leave you free from both men").

Engraver: Bino Bini

1975 B.B.


Five salmons, value below. Engraver's and Guerrino Mattia Monassi (chief engraver of the Italian mint) names.

Salmon is the common name for several species of ray-finned fish in the family Salmonidae. Typically, salmon are anadromous: they hatch in fresh water, migrate to the ocean, then return to fresh water to reproduce. Folklore has it that the fish return to the exact spot where they hatched to spawn. Tracking studies have shown this to be mostly true.

L 50

Type Commemorative Issue (Circulating)
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 6.25 g
Diameter 24.8 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Coin
Alt # KM# MS5
Italian State Mint and Polygraphic Institute (IPZS)

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