• 50 Pence 2021, United Kingdom (Great Britain), Elizabeth II, Innovators in Science, John Logie Baird
  • 50 Pence 2021, United Kingdom (Great Britain), Elizabeth II, Innovators in Science, John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird (1888–1946) was a Scottish inventor, electrical engineer, and innovator, demonstrating the world's first working television system on 26 January 1926. He also invented the first publicly demonstrated colour television system, and the first purely electronic colour television picture tube.

In 1928 the Baird Television Development Company achieved the first transatlantic television transmission. Baird's early technological successes and his role in the practical introduction of broadcast television for home entertainment have earned him a prominent place in television's history.

This coin commemorates the 75th anniversary of John Logie Baird death.


The fifth crowned portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II facing right, wearing the George IV State Diadem and drop earrings.

The George IV State Diadem, officially the Diamond Diadem, is a type of crown that was made in 1820 for King George IV. The diadem is worn by queens and queens consort in procession to coronations and State Openings of Parliament. The piece of jewellery has been featured in paintings and on stamps and currency. It can be seen in the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace.

ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA FIDEI DEFENSATRIX means Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, Queen and Defender of the Faith.

Engraver: Jody Clark



Depicts a silhouette of the mast at Crystal Palace, with radiating circles indicating a broadcast, is used as a timeline of Logie Baird’s life and achievements. Dates of his birth and death below. Initials of the design company Osborne Ross partners (AR for Andrew Ross and DO for Deborah Osborne) are on the right.

The Crystal Palace transmitting station, officially known as Arqiva Crystal Palace, is a broadcasting and telecommunications site in the Crystal Palace area of the London Borough of Bromley, England. It is located on the site of the former television station and transmitter, operated by John Logie Baird, from 1933.

1946 John Logie Baird dies
1928 First transatlantic transmission
1926 Demonstrates analogue television
1906 Studies engineering
1888 John Logie Baird born
1888 1946


50 Pence

5th portrait, Gold Proof Coin
Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Gold
Fineness 0.916
Weight 15.5 g
Diameter 27.3 mm
Thickness -
Shape polygon
Sides 7
Alignment Medal
Royal Mint

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