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  • 1 Euro Cent 2002-2021, KM# 32, Ireland
  • 1 Euro Cent 2002-2021, KM# 32, Ireland

Depicts the harp, a traditional symbol for Ireland since the Middle Ages, based on that of the Brian Boru harp, housed in Trinity College, Dublin. The same harp is used as on the official seals of the Taoiseach, and government ministers and the Seal of the President of Ireland. The coins' design also features the 12 stars of the flag of Europe, the year of issue and the Irish name for Ireland, "Éire", in a traditional Gaelic script.

Engraver: Jarlath Hayes

éire 2007


A globe, next to the facial value, shows Europe in relation to Africa and Asia.

Engraver: Luc Luycx



1 Euro Cent

KM# 32 Schön# 31
Material Copper Plated Steel
Weight 2.3 g
Diameter 16.25 mm
Thickness 1.67 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal

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