Obverse. Photo © Magyar Nemzeti Bank
  • 3000 Forint 2023, Hungary, Hungarian Folktales Animated Series, The Salt
  • 3000 Forint 2023, Hungary, Hungarian Folktales Animated Series, The Salt

The Magyar Nemzeti Bank has issued a commemorative coin celebrating the folk tale "The Salt". This coin represents the third installment of a seven-part series launched in 2021, aimed at showcasing the values found in Hungarian folk tales and evoking the visual universe of the cartoon series. The ceremony to release the commemorative coin will be held during the Kecskemét Animation Film Festival.

The production of the Hungarian Folktales cartoon series began in 1977, which, with a total of 100 episodes and 12.5 hours of material, introduces the viewer to the world of folktales so authentically that on October 15, 2020, the series was recognized as part of Hungary's cultural heritage for its unique depiction of the nation's spirit and values.


Depicts the main characters from the folktale "The Salt," with the king and the princess in the foreground and the prince in the background. Above the depiction, in the center, is the handwritten inscription "The solt." The engraver's privy mark is placed on the left edge of the reverse.

Once, there lived an exceedingly vain and arrogant king who incessantly boasted about his beauty, kindness, virtues, and greatness. He surrounded himself only with courtiers who worshipped him and flattered his ego. The king had three daughters, and one day, he summoned them to prove their love and loyalty to him. The eldest daughter likened her love to the vast sky and pure gold, while the middle daughter compared hers to the deep ocean and countless gems. However, the youngest daughter declared that she loved him as much as she loved salt. Enraged by what he perceived as an insult, the king banished her and arranged her marriage to a beggar.

Despite their initial hardships, the banished princess and her husband worked diligently and prospered, eventually moving to a grand palace. One day, they invited the king to a lavish feast. To his dismay, all the food was cooked without salt, rendering it tasteless. The king complained bitterly, only for the hostess to reveal herself as his youngest daughter. She explained that salt, though common and inexpensive, was invaluable. Realizing his mistake, the king sought forgiveness and bestowed his kingdom upon his youngest daughter and her husband. From then on, they all lived happily ever after.

Engraver: András Szilos

A só


Depicts the royal castle and the banished princess from the folktale "The Salt," with the denomination and "forint" inscription in two lines to the right of the illustration, and "Hungary" inscribed below the depiction. On the left and bottom parts of the obverse, there is a stylized folk art flower motif and a dove, inspired by the title sequence of the animated series "Hungarian Folktales." The engraver's privy mark is placed to the left of the flower motif. At the bottom edge of the obverse, the year of issue "2023" and the mint mark "BP." are inscribed in two lines in handwritten style.

Engraver: Fanni Vékony

2023. BP.




Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Nickel Silver
Weight 16 g
Diameter 34 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Budapest Mint (BP)

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