Obverse. Photo © Austrian Mint
  • 3 Euro 2024, KM# 3372, Austria, Luminous Marine Life, Blue Doctorfish
  • 3 Euro 2024, KM# 3372, Austria, Luminous Marine Life, Blue Doctorfish
  • 3 Euro 2024, KM# 3372, Austria, Luminous Marine Life, Blue Doctorfish, Colour effect when exposed to ultraviolet light

To celebrate the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, the Austria Mint embarked on an undersea adventure showcasing the fascinating and colorful underwater world. With a mintage of 65,000, the series featured 12 innovative 3 euro colored coins, four of which were issued each year over three years. These coins not only captivated with their design but also featured special lighting effects.

The sea creatures depicted on the coins, despite seeming improbable and magical, truly existed. Many lived in the deep seas' perpetual darkness, where sunlight never reached, yet they possessed extraordinary luminous qualities—flashing, sparkling, glowing, and changing color as needed.

Similarly, the coins themselves glowed under ultraviolet light, sparking excitement and scientific curiosity. A dedicated ultraviolet torch allowed collectors to experience the enchanting creatures of Luminous Marine Life in their full, radiant glory.

Design: Kathrin Kuntner, Rebecca Wilding


Depicts all 12 of the magical sea creatures in the Luminous Marine Life series in silhouette. Air bubbles up between them and a tail fin disappears beneath the waves to the right. Surrounded by the country name and the denomination.



Depicts a wide band reminiscent of an old-fashioned porthole, that frames an aquatic scene and features a blue doctorfish in the center. Several types of coral are shown in the background, along with two yellow-coloured blue doctorfish, as the juvenile fish are that colour. When the coin is illuminated with ultraviolet light, the doctorfish begins to glow green and slightly bluish.

With its disc-shaped body, vivid blue color, intense stare, and pursed lips, the blue doctorfish resembles a child's drawing. Named for the razor-sharp, scalpel-like bony projections on its tail, the blue doctorfish uses this "scalpel" to ward off rivals, extending it as a threat. If the warning is ignored, the fish can inflict deep cuts.

Young blue doctorfish, about the size of a 1 euro coin, start their lives on the seabed and glow a vivid greenish color under special light. They play a crucial role in coral reef health by removing algae, which allows coral to thrive, and their droppings fertilize the reef.



3 Euro

KM# 3372
Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Cupronickel
Weight 16 g
Diameter 34 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Austrian Mint

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