• 10 Rubles 2003, Y# 818, Russia, Federation, Ancient Towns of Russia, Kasimov
  • 10 Rubles 2003, Y# 818, Russia, Federation, Ancient Towns of Russia, Kasimov

In 2002 the Central Bank of the Russian Federation began an annual program that each year commemorates some of their historical towns on bi-metallic 10 Ruble coins. The coins picture the city and its arms on one side and has the standard Russian 10 Ruble obverse on the other. Unlike a lot of coin programs throughout the world there is no set regularity to the number of coins released each year in this series, with some years seeing 4 coins issued and other years only 3.

Kasimov (Tatar: Qasím) is a town in Ryazan Oblast, Russia, located on the left bank of the Oka River.

The first population of this area was a Finnic tribe called the Meshchyora, later assimilated by Russians and Tatars. The town was founded in 1152 by the Vladimir-Suzdal ruler Yuri Dolgorukiy as Grodets, then Gorodets Meschyorsky. It was included in the Mishar Yurt division of the Golden Horde, but then was sold to Muscovy.

In 1376, the town was destroyed by the Mongol invaders, but was soon rebuilt as Novy Nizovoy. After the Battle of Suzdal in 1445 (in which Grand Duke Vasily II was taken prisoner), the Meschyora lands were given to Oluğ Möxämmäd, Khan of Kazan Khanate as a ransom for the sovereign's life.

In 1452, Great Duke Vasily II of the Grand Duchy of Moscow gave this town to Kazan prince Qasim Khan, who served as tribute inspector of the Great Horde, but then came to Russian service. By other accounts, Qasim and his brother Yosif fled from Kazan after losing their bid for the throne against their brother Mäxmüd. After 1471, the town was known as Qasím city. It remained the capital of Qasim Khanate until 1681 when the khanate was re-absorbed into Russia.


In the center of the disc indication of the denomination of the coin: 10 RUBLES, inside of the figure 0 hidden pictures of the number 10 and of the inscription RUB visible by turns on changing angle of vision, in the lower part of the disc the mint trade mark SPMD, on the ring along the rim above the inscription: BANK OF RUSSIA, below the year of issue 2003, to the left and to the right stylized twigs of plants going over to the disc.



Architectural panorama of the town, above the coat of arms of Kasimov, over it on a ribbon the semicircular inscription: ANCIENT TOWNS OF RUSSIA, below the inscription along the rim KASIMOV.



300 corrugations and the inscription ДЕСЯТЬ РУБЛЕЙ (TEN RUBLES) recurring twice and divided by asterisks.


Type Commemorative Issue (Circulating)
Material Bi-Metallic
Ring Brass
Center Cupronickel
Weight 8.4 g
Diameter 27 mm
Thickness 2.1 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Saint Petersburg Mint (SPMD)

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