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  • 20 Pence 1985-2000, KM# 25, Ireland
  • 20 Pence 1985-2000, KM# 25, Ireland

The twenty pence (20p) (Irish: fiche pingin) coin was a subdivision of the Irish pound. It was introduced on 30 October 1986. It was first Irish decimal coin that was of a different size to the corresponding British coin, as the Irish pound had not been pegged to the British pound since 1979. Its last issue was in 2000, two years before Ireland withdrew its pound for the euro.


The Celtic harp is a triangular harp traditional to Brittany, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. In Ireland and Scotland it was a wire-strung instrument requiring great skill and long practice to play, and was associated with the Gaelic ruling class. In the Republic of Ireland, it appears on the coins and coat of arms.

Éire is Irish for "Ireland", the name of an island and a sovereign state.

éire 1995


Value, horse (an Irish Hunter) that was on the pre-decimal half-crown coin, that was produced from 1928 to 1967.

Engraver: Percy Metcalfe



Six bands, alternately finished smooth and grained.

20 Pence

KM# 25 Sp# 6703
Material Nickel Brass
Weight 8.47 g
Diameter 27.1 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal

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